ManuPharma 2017

December 06-December 07, 2017

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt

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Wolfgang Baiker
Wolfgang Baiker
Head of Human Pharma Supply, Head of Global Quality and Head of Biopharma Business Unit
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bharath Sundararaman
Bharath Sundararaman
Global Leader Supply Chain Visibility and Analytics
Bharath partners with senior supply chain and manufacturing executives across Merck in identifying opportunities to drive best in class performance through advanced statistics, data mining, rich visualisation and new technologies. He is responsible for driving digital transformation at Merck using big data, cloud and mobility, IoT and advanced analytics.
Andrew Share
Andrew Share
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Director
As lead of the (AMT) team, Andrew is responsible for delivering a long-term strategic change to the way GSK manufactures medicines. IN 2015 Andrew was seconded onto the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership and the returned to GSK in 2016. He now leads teams located in both Europe and Asia. Andrew has a PhD in Synthetic Organic Chemistry from the university of Nottingham.
Rudolf Hausmann
VP Technical Development & Operations
Santhera Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Frederic Zwahlen
Frederic Zwahlen
Vice President, Head of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Frederic leads all pharmaceutical manufacturing for VIfor, overseeing 4 manufacturing sites (in Switzerland: Ettingen; Fribourg, Geneva and in Portugal: Lisbon). The technology range cover includes manufacturing of biological API by Biotechnology and drugs manufacturing for non sterile oral or topical formulation (coated tablets, capsules, syrups; suspensions, nasal sprays, gels and ointments).
Dirk Schrader
Dirk Schrader
EVP - Head of Technical Operations
Vifor Pharma
Dirk leads TechOps for the third biggest and fastest growing pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. Vifor Pharma has five manufacturing sites and about 700 people in Tech Ops. Dirk joined Vifor Pharma in 2012, coming from Astra Zeneca where he lead the Asia Pacific/Japan Manufacturing & Supply and their global Lean & Operational Excellence Program. Prior to that he was with Bristol Myers-Squibb and Bayer HealthCare. He will introduce a real “smart manufacturing” application for which Vifor Pharma is the global pilot. Using Augmented Reality technology, the system developed by Goodly Innovations helps Vifor Pharma to significantly reduce set up and change-over times and more…
Marco Maioli
Marco Maioli
Industrial Operations Director
Marco has worked across a number of different positions within industrial operations, from quality assurance to lean manufacturing, operations management and product transfer. Prior to Sigma-tau he was an industrial technology expert at Sanofi as well as holding positions within manufacturing and operational excellence at the CMO; Catalent.
Ulrich Korneck
Head of Global Operational Excellence and Vice President
Ulrich is head of Global Operational Excellence with Merck’s Biopharma operations, including manufacturing operations, with a global remit. He joined from Merck in January 2015 from Porsche Consulting’s Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Device Practice. Ulrich has previously held management positions with Boehringer Ingelheim and Camelot Management Consultants.
Paul Hanson
Director Commercial Technical Operations
Paul Hanson is currently head of the commercial biologics API programs at Takeda. In this role he has begun leveraging statistical process control strategies to drive Takeda's nascent continuous process verification program. This program reduces the company's API supply chain risk through improved line-of-site into the commercial production process.
Silke Gotthardt
Silke Gotthardt
VP Launch Transfer Operations
Boehringer Ingelheim
Dr. Silke Gotthardt currently works as VP of Launch and Transfer Operation for Boehringer Ingelheim, where she is the central connecting point within the deveopment organisation. She is also the key point of contact for Boehringer Ingelheim's global network of sites, managing both internal site operations and external CMO activity.
Jean Philippe Giraud
Jean Philippe Giraud
Director, Head of Technical Transfers, Global Manufacturing & Supply
Merck Serono
Jean-Philippe leads the implementation of all technical transfers for Merck's global pharma organisation. His current remit includes 40 transfers ongoing around the global, leading a team of seven technical transfer managers and a PMO manager. His key focuses are upon supporting pharma reliability and volume growth by executing CMO and internal dual sourcing strategy, localisaing manufacturing operations where possible to maintain market access (particularly in emerging markets) and supporting supply flexibility andd scalability.
Brian Boland
Brian Boland
Manufacturing Technology Director
Bristol Myers Squibb
Brian is accountable for the Manufacturing Technology Function, in the BMS External Manufacturing organisation, which is responsible for Process Development/Technical Transfer and Robustness Assessment and Improvement and Project Management, as well Technical Support for all materials sourced from external suppliers. The External Manufacturing organisation manages supply of materials (Actives/Intermediates/Regulatory Starting Materials/Drug Product and Primary and Secondary Packaging, including Labelling and Artwork Management) from over 100 Contract Manufacturing Organisations.
Mark Wright
Site Lead
Andy  Jones
Andy Jones
Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology
Andy recently left the post of the Head of Manufacturing Science and Technology at AstraZeneca. Andy started his career with ICI in Chemical Process Development where he was fortunate enough to be involved in the development of a three major cancer therapies Faslodex, Arimidex and Zoladex, all of which went on to become multi-billion dollar products impacting the lives of millions of patients. Following the breakup of ICI and the creation of Zeneca and subsequent formation of AstraZeneca Andy held a number of senior technical, site management and project management roles culminating in becoming Head of Projects and Portfolio Management for AZ Pharmaceutical Development function. Andy’s career path then changed when he took over as Head of Innovation for Pharm. Development where he was responsible for Science and Technology Strategy, Innovation, Insight and IP and the management of internal incubators in new Technology Areas, a role he held until moving to Head of MS&T this year.
Martin  Fusek
Martin Fusek
Global Head of IT Testing Service
Over the past two years Martin has set up and lead the global testing centre of Excellence for Novartis, providing managed testing serviecs for IT application of all business areas of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. Much of this focus has been upon the manufacturing execution systems within the organisation. He held a number of senior MES and TechOps IT focused roles within the industry before joining Novartis, including Head of TechOps IT at Salutas Pharma and MES Manager for HEXAL AG.
Rizvan Abbasoy
Rizvan Abbasoy
Plant Director
Nobel Ilac
Rizvan leads plant operations for Nobel Ilac A.S's Duzce Plant in Turkey; a complex manufacturing plant with over 360 employees. He is responsible for developing and implementing the plant's transition to 'lean' operations in order to deliver best in class cost and productivity results. He has overall ownership of the manufacturing operational budget.
Stephen Closs
Stephen Closs
Vice President
Global Technical Operations
Stephen has more than 28 years of experience in engineering and pharmaceutical research and development. He currently oversees the global strategic technical activities related to the development, scale-up, commercialization and continued performance of multi-drug product portfolios for clients. He currently also oversees novel technology introduction projects including continuous manufacturing. Mr. Closs has led Centers of Excellence teams for Design of Experiments (DOE), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD).
Marianne	 Leth
Marianne Leth
VP Manufacturing and GM
Anne Marie de Jonge Schuermans
Anne Marie de Jonge Schuermans
Vice President Global Supply Chain Ops & Strategic Partnerships
Anne Marie is a results orientaed and enegetic leader within (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing and supply chain. At Biogen she is responsible for Global Supply Chain Operations (covering API, Biological Drug Substance, Drug Product & Finished Goods), Production & Manufacturing Footprint planning for clinical and commercial manufacturing at internal and external sites/CMOs, Materials Management, Logistics, Warehousing, Process Excellence, ERP, Program Management, Product Life Cycle Management, Oversight of Strategic Partnerships (incl. spin-offs), CMOs & Alliances from Clinical into Commercial.
Colm	 Murphy
Colm Murphy
VP General Plant Manager
Colm leads a team of nince senior managers in an oral solid dosage site with 170 staff in total. In this role he directs the site's manufacturing operations serving multiple EU markets and devises the plants strategy on matters including technology, portfolio and market diversification. He is responsible for leading organisational change management, including the implementation of a lean sigma culture at the site.
Philipp Goepel
Vice President Head of Manufacturing - Plant Manager Bovenau
Richter-Helm BioLogics
Philipp leads a GMP multipurpose facility for manufacturing of microbial biopharmaceuticals with a 1,500L maximum fermenter capacity in Bovenau, Germany. Within this role he is responsible for manufacturing & engineering, ensuring close coordination with QC and QA on a site with over 60 employees.
Adam Warzecha
Adam Warzecha
Contiuous Improvement Champion EMEA
Adam's key responsibilities are to lead and accelerate deployment of Shire Continuous Improvement mindsets and behaviours, systems, tools, mechanisms and processes throughout all site functions to create a continuously learning and improving organization. In doing so his team aim to provide a key competitive advantage for Technical Operations that is instrumental in how Shire achieve their breakthrough objectives for Supply Value Proposition and ultimately the company’s vision.
Craig Johnston
Craig Johnston
Operations Director
Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences
Craig is Industry Director at (CMAC) Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation. He works with industry including tier 1 multi nationals eg GSK, AZ, Novartis, Bayer and technology companies. Established in 2011, CMAC now has 120 staff across its network of 7 leading universities. It conducts leading research in continuous manufacturing with particle focus.
Kumaran	 Krishnan
Kumaran Krishnan
Associate Director MSL and Digital Transformation
Teva Pharmaceuticals
Kumaran is currently based in Amsterdam where he is spearheading the digital transformation program for Teva across the entire organisation, across the entire supply chain. His deep understanding around the optimisation of the medical affairs function within pharmaceutical companies (having spent over a decade at Sanofi in various functions) gives him a unique view point on the knock on effect that greater visibility on demand from the patient will have upon manufacturing strategy.
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee
Managing Director - Operations
Accord Healthcare
Roman  Necina
Roman Necina
VP Process Science & Technical Services
Roman is responsible for Process Development, Tech Transfer, Scale-up and GMP production of drug substance and drug product for more than 40 different biological (rec. proteins, viral vaccines, gene therapy products). He is also plant manager of five sites in Europe and US for Shire. Further responsiblilies include the design, implementation, execution, and completion of capital expansion projects according to plan and budget. Roman has responsibility for over 700 personnel at Shire and more than an €80m annual budget.
Thomas Wickert
Head of Microbial Fermentation & Enzymes
Roche Diagnostics
Michael	 De Poortere
Michael De Poortere
Global Analytical Technology Centre Director
Dow Chemical
Michael manages technology transfer at Dow Chemical in order to ensure safe and consistent operations, whilst providing a competitive advantage thruogh the adoption of the most effective and efficient technology and practices available. His role is to lead the Dow Tech Centres (an organisation of over 900 employees, within the larger Dow Chemical organisation), which act as a catalyst between commercial, R&D and manufacturing.
Malcolm Warr
Malcolm Warr
Tranzparency Group
Geoffrey	 Pot
Geoffrey Pot
Senior Director Manufacturing and Process Science
Geoffrey has more than 15 years of experience in the Biotech / Pharmaceutical environment, and is now managing an international team of more than 200 individuals across 8 different plants in Europe and US. Developing and coaching team members to become a high performing team is key which has been demonstrated through strong operational results.
Klaus Kunath
Klaus Kunath
Head of Manufacturing Science & Technology, Global Pharma Operations, Merck
Merck KGaA
Klaus' key focus is technical leadership for process robustness improvements at Merck. His 15+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry include leadership within manufacturing process development, formulation development and CMC project management.
Joe  Codamo
Joe Codamo
Head of Operations
Joe is currently responsible for both biologics & chemistry operations at Sanofi's Vitry-sur-Seine site in Paris. He has held a number of senior leadership roles in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing over the last 14 years including General Management, multi-product Project Management and MSAT at Patheon and DSM. He is an expert in fast-track technology transfers, scale-up and validation of mammalian cell culture bioprocesses. Joe is also an experienced and energetic change leader who has been involved in site specific and global culture change programs across bio manufacturing networks in Europe, USA and Australia.
Magda Papadaki
Magda Papadaki
Head of Manufacturing Innovation
In addition to Head of Manufacturing Innovation at ABPI, Magda is also Manager of the Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership (MMIP), further supporting the UK’s industry-government ATMP Manufacturing Taskforce. Her role involves examining the UK's position in medicines manufacturing and identifying opportunities for improvement in the manufacturing and development of small molecules, biologics, vaccines and cell & gene therapies. Taking a systems view of medicines supply and value chains, Magda supports a number of priority work streams combining technology and innovation landscape, supply chain mapping, investigating the fiscal, regulatory/policy and skills environments, as well as joining up the medicines manufacturing ecosystem, to build the field’s sustainable growth.
Edith Norrant
Edith Norrant
Innovation, Technology & Sciences Director
UCB Pharma
Having been with UCB for over a decade, Edith's key remit now is to develop innovation and new technology in relation to the manufacuture of all new molecules ( chemical and biological compounds) and to introduce innovation in manufacturing plants across the globe.
Stephane	 De Saint Jean
Stephane De Saint Jean
Director of Industrial Operations
In his current role Stephane heads industrial operations for eight manufacturing sites across France, Italy and Spain, with responsibility for annual OPEX of €165m, CAPEX of €35m and over 1800 employees. He has 20 years of experience in different industrial environments, with strong knowledge in manufacturing operations, culture and strategy, and a focus upon autonomous team development and motivation management. Further areas of expertise include process and equipment capabilities improvement and product flow reliability including agility deployment.
Clive Badman
Clive Badman
Head of Pre-Competitive Collaboration - GSK
Chairman - CMAC
Clive is responsible for examining opportunities for collaboration in either Industry/Academia or Industry/Industry situations at GSK. The aim is to drive forward improvement, efficiency and technologies through pre-comoetitive collaboration. He has previously held positions at GSK including VP Investigational Materials Supply and VP Process Technologies and Pilot Plants.
Vijay Surapaneni
VP Engineering and Capacity Planning
Vijay is accountable for developing and implementing strategy and delivering operational commitments, functional excellence objectives, and linkages during the expansion and growth of Drug Delivery Solutions sites for Catalent, on a global scale. Within this role his remit is to drive and execute the growth strategies for Biologics, Blow Fill Seal, Formulation Development, Analytical Services, Inhalation Technologies and Integrated Oral Solid Dosage while delivering on the operational metrics for safety, quality, delivery and cost.
Matthias  Maaz
Matthias Maaz
Director Life Sciences
Honeywell Process Solutions
Matthias Maaz is leading the global business for Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Chemicals at Honeywell Process Solutions. He started his career with Honeywell in 1990 and held various leadership positions in Projects Management and Sales as well as he is a Managing Director at Honeywell in Germany. Matthias holds a Diplom-Engineer degree for Process Control Technology from the University of Applied Science Leipzig. His office is in Offenbach, Germany.
Aude Cazenave
Aude Cazenave
Technical Director
He is also Chair of CMAC (continuous manufacturing and crystalisation); a world class international hub for manufacturing research and training, with teh purpose of transforming current manufacturing processes into the medicine supply chain of the future.
Mary Moran
Mary Moran
Director - Manufacturing Science & Technology
Bristol Myers Squibb
Mary has held a number of senior positions at Britol Myers Squibb over the 22+ years with the company, inculding Manufacturing Manager, OPEX Director and Tech Transfer & External Manufacturing Director. In her current role her core focus is upon continuous improvement and development of advanced manufacturing technology and techniques within the organisation.
Ulla Hutzler-Gardt
Executive Director - Head of IS Business Partnering
Ulla is currently leading the IT operations quality group at Boehringer Engleheim, consisting of 30 personnel spread across the USA, Europe, China and Japan. Within this role she is currently spearheading a global data trending project, working closely with quality assurance processes for the group. Additional focuses include outage management, lab info systems and HSE, all within the contect of operational support for the company.
Teresa Rodo
SVP Pharma Operations
Markus Hayek
Markus Hayek
Managing Director
Markus is currently Managing Director at Accenture Strategy, where he leads the global Life Sciences Supply Chain & Operations Strategy Practice. In this role he leads the consultative efforts of the firm with a range of global pharma and biotech companies on best practice operational strategy, drawing from extensive experience in the industry, including a decade within his current remit.
Coline Monnard
Process Data Specialist
UCB BioPharma