ManuPharma 2017

December 06-December 07, 2017

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt

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Michael De Poortere

Global Analytical Technology Centre Director
Dow Chemical
Michael manages technology transfer at Dow Chemical in order to ensure safe and consistent operations, whilst providing a competitive advantage thruogh the adoption of the most effective and efficient technology and practices available. His role is to lead the Dow Tech Centres (an organisation of over 900 employees, within the larger Dow Chemical organisation), which act as a catalyst between commercial, R&D and manufacturing.

5:00 PM INTER INDUSTRY GUEST SPEAKER Why data is the new oil for digital manufacturing and how you can use it to gain a competitive advantage

12:30 PM DRILL DOWN ROUND TABLES Sharing experience on how to implement the latest manufacturing technologies

1.        Data Analytics
Michael De Poortere, Global Analytical Technology Centre Director, The Dow Chemical Company
2.       Augmented/Virtual Reality
Frédéric Zwahlen, Vice President - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Vifor Pharma
3.        Manufacturing risk & integrity management
Marco Maioli, Industrial Operations Director, Sigma-tau
Marco has worked across a number of different positions within industrial operations, from quality assurance to lean manufacturing, operations management and product transfer. Prior to Sigma-tau he was an industrial technology expert at Sanofi as well as holding positions within manufacturing and operational excellence at the CMO; Catalent.
4.        MES
Martin Fusek, Global Head of IT Testing Service,